Friday, August 6, 2010

Instigatorzine August Issue 50/50 Variant Cover Art

My cover art for next months issue, shared with Madelynne Dela Rama:

who did her own version of the cover. You should all check it out, it's quite awesome.

Why the 50/50 variant? 2 reasons (3 really...I should have just said so from the start).

1. This was initially meant to be my cover for the May issue which we skipped in order to reassess how to manage the 'zine more appropriately.

2. August was going to be Mad's month to do a cover, and although she did, she offered me the chance to share it with her. Isn't she just the nicest person?

3. Finally, the third and most important reason (though I initially only said 2 reasons), August marks the 6th month the "instigatorzine" has been out! Wow, whodda' thunk it, huh? Half a year, that's pretty damn awesome.

Anyway, if you haven't checked us out yet, you most definitely should:

Til next time ladies and gents.