Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Instigatorzine Covers

So these are the last 2 covers I've done for Instigatorzine. The first is for IZ15 and the bottom is for IZ19. Don't let the numbers fool you, these were actually done quite some time apart, and I hope the quality on the most recent one proves it.

On both I wanted to try something different though. With the Black and white one, I wanted to try and mix a photograph with an actual digital painting (this was long before I had even heard of Matt Paintings and though I was onto something original). The idea was to create something eerie like that big foot footage that shows him walking by in a grainy video. Something about that has never sat right with me, heh.

For the second piece, I had begun a few months ago to really explore different techniques on how to paint on PS. Despite some lighting issues that I wasn't too happy with, I was really excited for how this turned out. Indeed I labored a while over it trying to figure out all kinds of things and I think it paid off!

Anyway, if you don't know anything about Instigatorzine, it's an arts and literature magazine based out of Jersey City and Bayonne New Jersey. It's a nifty little thing, and right now it's only 5 bux an issue, so why dont you guys hop on over to and support? I promise great things.

Well, til next time!