Monday, February 4, 2013


Quite possibly two of my favorite pieces I've made. These were made for a semi-local art show a few cities away with an Avengers theme. It attracted the attention of several local news papers, and brought out a nice little crowd of children and young adults that were interested in the comic book world. Really awesome stuff!

Though I only submitted two for the show, I was so pleased with these that I'll be making some more in the coming weeks so look out!

City Limits

Ever get struck in the head by a particularly low flying pigeon? The fellow from IZ 16's "City Limit's" story did, and this was my illo for it.

Not Yo Mama's Gals (or so they say)

A portrait of the ladies who run Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair here NJ, and their creepy mascot in the background (rendered in a more realistic fashion for even more creepiness).

Also done for IZ 17 as part of our INSTIGATOR feature.

Let's keep it going!

This is a portrait I did for my cousin as a surprise to celebrate his new born son's baptism. In all the ref pics I used this little guy had tons of hair, then I see him a week ago and it's all gone.

Boy do I feel silly for giving him a mane in this! But they still liked it so hey!

That Finger Poem & The Two Things

Holy contemporary art, how long has it been since I've updated this bad boy?

Anyway, how's about I start you all off with some spots I did for the latest issue of IZ (#17 can you believe it?)

The piece on the right is done as a separate image as I was trying to work with the layout (which had diagonal text running down it).