Friday, June 25, 2010

A Day Spent with Words

For another poem in the Instigatorzine Magazine.

I tore up some paper and threw it onto my scanner, but I didn't quite get the effect I was hoping for. That was mostly because it came out way too light.

So when I brought the image of the several sheets of torn paper (really it was just one sheet from a tiny notebook), I used the lasso tool to select certain pieces, and turn them into brushes.

After adjusting the settings several times, and seeing what I could come up with, I wound up with a pretty neat background. Afterwords, I added the hand and coffee stain (though it kind of looks like gum to me now).

In the poem, the poet is writing so ferociously, and pumping out so many thoughts onto paper (or so he says), that they even call upon a priest to help them control it all. It's all very amusing.

Anyway, I decided the best way to capture this was perhaps to have him writing so hard the paper is tearing all over the place, and his arm red as if it's possessed. Also, the red is easier to render than something with several colors.

As before, I remained pretty close to my reference for this except I did it all in red.

Wow, that was long. Hope you enjoy it :]


  1. Your spot illustrations are so much more successful than mine.

  2. I think it's pretty dope, in terms of it being too light... my digital illustrations always get "muddy" looking after blending it so damn much, Curves always comes in handy with that (command + M) or Levels (command + L) or Color Balance (command + B).

    And that stain in the top right, IDK if you rendered it or used a "stain" brush, but you can find nifty brushes on and nice color palettes on